About Us

Our Mission

Ballona Wetlands Land Trust is a grass-roots, non-profit community organization, founded in 1994, dedicated to the acquisition, restoration, and preservation of the Ballona Wetlands ecosystem in Los Angeles, California, and to facilitating access to this ecosystem for education, stewardship, and public outreach.

Our Goals

  • Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve into a world-class wildlife refuge and public park.
  • Ensure transparency in the restoration process and proposed development projects that impact Ballona Wetlands, and open spaces in the surrounding area.
  • Organize the community in speaking out to our elected officials and the media.
  • Educate the community about the value of coastal wetlands ecosystems, wildlife, and open spaces.
  • Ensure that existing laws are followed by both development companies and our elected officials, while working to foster and protect laws that protect the environment.