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Read more about our progress in advocating for the greater Ballona area.

  • New Board Member: Presenting Gabrielle Crowe
    Gabrielle has immense experience and passion for outdoor and environmental education. She is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona receiving a B.S. in Animal Science. During her time at Cal Poly Pomona, she volunteered as an Animal Educator at the Aquarium of the Pacific and worked at the Native American student center. Later on, she […]
  • Sea Level Rise
    Sea Level Rise and the Ballona Wetlands The proposed Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project fails to protect critical marsh habitat and marsh-dependent species from the impacts of sea level rise. High and mid-marsh habitat would immediately begin to convert to low marsh habitat, which cannot support the endangered Belding’s Savannah Sparrow. Over time, the low marsh […]
  • Access Progress
    Dear Wetlands Advocates, In an ideal world, the Coastal Conservancy board members would have had the time to read through past funding approvals and other records prior to last Thursday’s meeting and realize that the state’s proposed restoration project has been spinning in circles since 2004. We knew that was unlikely. However, your many emails […]
  • Recording of March 11, 2021 Webinar on Ballona Wetlands
    Below are links to the meeting recording, meeting slides, and related materials for the Ballona Wetlands informational webinar held on March 11, 2021. Meeting Recording and Slides: Link to Intro / Birds of Area A and C Video (in progress – check back soon) Link to Meeting Recording (Note: a zoom technical glitch caused some […]
  • 2020 Accomplishments
    2020 was an extremely challenging year for all of us but we are extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish in this difficult environment. You can learn more about how we adjusted our educational programs here, and more about our legal efforts here. We made progress toward our goals of improving public access […]
  • Education
    To say that the COVID-19 pandemic turned our education programs updside-down would be an understatement. Luckily, Lisa and Sofia adapted quickly and began translating our field trip program into virtual nature education classes and online content. Lisa and Sofia have taught scores of online classes to elementary school students, cub scouts other organizations. It goes […]
  • Litigation
    Litigation is always a last resort for the Land Trust. However, it is frequently the only way that we can compel various agencies and entities to adhere to environmental laws and public interest laws. Regrettably, we found ourselves needing to litigate seven different cases in 2020, and we may need to file additional litigation in […]
  • State of Ballona Wetlands
    State of Ballona Wetlands Links: All relevant draft and final EIR documents and reference material: 2005 Interim Stewardship and Access Management Plan One of multiple public bond fund grants (Prop 12) for facilitating public access to Area A: Support letters for the above grant, including from Shelley Luce (SMBRC) and Friends of Ballona Wetlands Bay […]
  • Tips to Re-ignite Your Inner Eco-warrior During Quarantine
    This pandemic has caused me to use more plastic than I’ve ever wanted. Single use plastics like gloves, masks, packaged food, plastic bags, etc have felt crucial to the well being of myself and my community. As a result, it has been hard for me to feel like the environmentalist I aspire to be. However, […]
  • Meet the Team
    Hello! We are the team behind “The Egret Corner” newsletters and the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust’s outreach and education efforts, we also led various environmental research projects: The Ballona Creek Infrastructure Survey Project, A Guide to Fish Found in the Lower Ballona Creek & the Ballona Wetlands and Ballona Creek Water Quality Monitoring Program to […]