Ballona Wetlands Community Update 2024

Finding Common Ground – Tuesday, January 30th at 6 PM via zoom.

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The focus will be on finding common ground and ways to move forward, This will include a discussion of why the Land Trust does not believe that the large-scale restoration proposal can move forward as designed, and why that increases the need for interim stewardship and access management, as the state also acknowledged with a commissioned report on that topic in 2005. Believe it or not, there are many policy issues on which virtually all of the groups agree to a significant extent. One example is the belied that, to the extent that the baseball fields are allowed to continue operation in the ecological reserve, the area should also open for more traditional uses of an ecological reserve, such nature study and native habitat enhancement efforts. Another point of agreement is that an analysis is needed to determine how much paved or unpaved parking will realistically be needed to support the operation of, and visitation to, the reserve, and that the footprint of the existing lots should be reduced to the extent possible based on that analysis.

Come listen and feel free to send questions in advance to See you then!