Volunteer Opportunities

Let’s Get Involved!

The Ballona Wetlands Land Trust is a grassroots community organization. We rely completely on the efforts of our volunteers, who help in any number of ways, primarily by giving their time, special talents, enthusiasm, and/or donations. Below is a brief list of opportunities to help enhance the entire Ballona Wetlands ecosystem, restore what we have already helped to preserve and raise awareness to others.

We welcome volunteers that can work a few hours one-time or want to work a few hours a week on an ongoing basis.

Community Outreach Tabling

We are seeking volunteers to assist in educating the public on the latest about Ballona, sign up new members & volunteers, and take in donations. Volunteers will be trained and paired with other staff for tabling.

This is a great opportunity to talk and meet with diverse people while learning what’s going on in the community.

Water Quality Aid

If you’re interested in learning more about the water flowing through Ballona Creek, join us on our Water Quality Testing days.

Must be at least 16 yr old, have an interest in biology, or chemistry, and be comfortable walking up to 6 miles.

Administrative Support

Interested in assisting in our business’s development and growth! We are seeking volunteers to improve our connections to the public: website development, social media, data management, etc.

Long-term commitment is preferred but not required depending on the task.


Occasionally, we seek volunteers to help us fundraise. This is a huge help since it is critical we raise enough money to further support our strong legal and advocacy team. Training and phone are provided.

If you are interested in any of our current volunteer opportunities or if you are interested in sharing other skills you could contribute to advancing our mission, contact us at landtrust@ballona.org